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Ecertec provides innovative materials and device solutions for actuator, sensor and SMART technology applications.

Ecertec has a culture born of innovation, infact Ecertec itself was formed by a group of commercially aware academics to exploit active materials developments at The University of Leeds. UK.

Our world class scientists and engineers have proven track records in successfully developing materials, devices and products for a wide range of application areas.

Whether we are developing a high volume consumer product or a component for a complex aerospace system we are always focussed on developing cost-effective on-time solutions with the highest degree of collaboration and integration with our customers and sub-contracts.

Application Expertise
Optical Modulation
Ink Jet Printing
Aerospace Systems
Adaptive Aerodynamics
Valves & Switching
Self Monitoring Structures
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Actuator Materials


Advanced Powders

Process Development

Actuator Devices

Actuator Systems

Acoustic Emitters

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