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Ecertec brings cutting edge developments in active materials to the application market. We can bridge the gap between volume manufacturers and device users with new technological developments and quality engineers and consultants.

Ecertec innovates from initial materials development and sourcing thru device development to system control and integration. With a team of experienced engineers and renowned consultants Ecertec can provide your development with a highly integrated and cost-effective solution. It also means that we are ideally placed to handle the requirements of 21st century SMART technologies.

Technology is our future. We are always researching and developing new active materials technologies to address current and future needs. These developments range from device and product technologies to fundamental materials research.

The Ecertec Ph.D. sponsorship programme ensures that our next-generation technologies are always ahead of the game. Our materials and devices technologies are available via licensing agreements.

What we do...

Materials Development
Powder Supply
Electroceramic Supply

Actuator Design
Actuator Development
Actuator Characterisation

Device Prototyping

Collaborative Development
Technology Licensing

Find Out About

Ultra Active Powders

Powder Sales

Piezoelectric Ceramics

Electrostrictive Ceramics

Actuator Development



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