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You can download a technical paper describing the processes, properties and advantages of ultra active powders:

Andrew W. Tavernor, Tim P. Comyn, and Andrew J. Bell

This document is an adobe acrobat (PDF) file. (837kB)



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Ecertec Ultra-Active Powder Technology produces powders that sinter at reduced temperatures to produce improved density ceramics with many commercial benefits.

The zero-contamination process also makes Ecertec powders ideal as source materials for SINGLE CRYSTAL growth.

Electroceramic powders redesigned

Ecertec Powder Highlights

Highly reactive & controllable.
d50: 200 - 600 nm
Unimodal particle size distribution
Controllable compaction behaviour
Controllable sintering behaviour
Reduced sintering temperature
Comparable in reactivity to
    chemically prepared materials

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Low contamination processes
All grinding processes use stabilised zirconia media and vessels ensuring ultra low contamination.
Alumina free (particularly important
    for ferroelectric powders)
Short cycle time reduces exposure
    to milling contamination
No need for sintering additives due
    to enahnced powder activity

Continuous Processes
Reduces batch errors for both
     prototyping and production.
Scaleable technologies allow
     integration into existing volume
     manufacturing processes.

About the technology.....

Ecertec powder processing technology is comprised of a wealth of experience in specialist development of electroceramic powders. High quality controllable dielectric and ferroelectric powders are produced without the need for exotic or impractical equipment or processes.

High Energy Bead Milling (HEBM) is commonly used for the production of ceramic powders. Ecertec has developed this technology specifically for lead (Pb) based materials, such as PZT, PMN etc. Our processes overcome the traditional powder problems of Pb evaporation losses, compositional variability and control of stoichiometry.

Control of the milling process parameters allows us to control both the compaction and sintering behaviour to ensure optimum ceramic properties.

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Powder Supply

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Ecertec consultants have many years experience of powder technology insertion into volume processing environments. Because we have experience of the device requirements and the commercial constrainsts of the electro-ceramics industry Ecertec process improvements are integrated easily into your processes. Typical advantages are:

Reduced processing time and costs
Improved compositional control and stability
Continous or Semi-continuous process
Reduced batch to batch errors and contamination
Proven technology for both bulk and tape cast producers
Much reduced sintering temperature without the need for additives

Our aim is to inegrate the most appropriate package of technologies into your systems and processes with the minimum of disruption and with the highest degree of flexibility. This may be achieved by:

Technology Licensing

Collaborative Development

Process Development Consultancy

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