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Powders & Ceramics

Development & Prototyping

Ecertec can design, develop and prototype a wide range of ferroelectric materials including: capacitor dielectrics, piezoelectrics, electrostrictives,
electro-optics & pyro-electrics

Because Ecertec technologies span initial material design to final device integration you can be sure that all our materials are designed with manufacture-ability and product accordance in mind.

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Ecertec develops, prototypes and supplies a wide range of high quality electro-ceramics and powders.

Piezoelectrics - Electrostrictives - Ferroelectrics



Ecertec materials are developed in our technology centre within the University of Leeds, UK. In addition to our own facilities we also have access to an Holdsworth Bldgunrivaled array of processing, characterisation and prototyping facilities. This ensures that materials are developed efficiently, scientifically and on budget.

Ecertec has its roots in the long-established Department of Ceramics latterly the Department of Materials at Leeds. With a wealth of academic and commercial experience we have a proven track record in the successful development of electro-ceramic powders, ceramics and devices.

Our materials are unrivaled for purity, density and mechanical strength making them ideal for today's high stress actuator applications. With the backup of excellent fabrication, characterisation and analysis facilities our materials are developed scientifically rather than empirically.

These materials are also remarkably cost effective often allowing reduced processing temperatures or significantly enhanced product reliability.

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There are many ways to become involved in these exciting developments to solve your current and future active materials problems.















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